November 5, 2014


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Current LCAs

Hysphere has on ongoing recruitment program that attracts highly qualified specialists at every level with the skill sets and certifications.

Hysphere is an equal opportunity employer, managed and fueled by talented employees. Our current team members include leading industry veterans and professionals who enjoy working in a collaborative environment. Passionate people make our company great and Hysphere fosters an environment that encourages open communication, decisive action, learning and teamwork. The culture is informal yet professional; results-oriented – yet fun.

We do not look at our workforce as merely human resources – we regard them as our assets. As in the case of any asset, it needs to be cultivated to its maximum potential for superlative output.

For our business, we have identified a set of key areas which need to be fostered by both the company & the employee so that we can develop a professional, competent and effective team providing the best solutions to our customers.

  • Diversified work culture: Our team comprises of young, enthusiastic people from different walks of life who have come to work together and form their own Hysphere League.
  • Skills acquisition through continuous learning & development: We ensure that our employees are given ample opportunity to grow, learn and develop new skill sets.
  • Right Incentive for employee motivation: At Hysphere good work never goes unnoticed. We ensure that our team is rewarded for exemplary work and constantly motivate them to consistently perform well.
  • Encouraging employees to becoming future leaders: We constantly strive to encourage every member of the team to develop leadership skills.
  • Referral Bonus: Company employees are encouraged to refer their friends, family and ex-colleagues for any open positions. If the referral is selected and remained employed for three months, employee will be rewarded with a one-time bonus of $250. For any non-employee referrals there will be a one time gift of $150, after employee remained employed for three months.

At Hysphere we offer you a career full of possibilities and progress. Hysphere is looking for young, hardworking and ambitious professionals, with a desire to excel, who like to think “out of the box” and who are driven to overcome challenges.

If you are a skilled, dynamic IT professional, who is up to the challenge of providing Hysphere clients “quality through excellence” in all aspects of our IT services then Hysphere may be the place for you. Make an appointment to discuss your career and your future with Hysphere.

Equal Opportunity

Hysphere values the significant contributions possible with a diverse workforce, both for our company and the community as a whole. We actively pursue all candidates and employees of any cultural background. The business need for diversity is clear. To stay competitive, we must attract the most experienced, most qualified and most motivated employees, regardless of color, race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, politics, religion, Vietnam era veteran status, disability, age, or lifestyle.

We encourage an atmosphere of high quality achievement, where employees can feel comfortable and productive. Our employees are encouraged to compete, promote, and advance based solely on their job performance.

Hysphere continually works to build a workforce that is free of harassment and discrimination through education, awareness, and commitment to its employees.

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